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About Crisp and Juicy

The story of Crisp & Juicy goes back to the year 1989 when an entrepreneur couple decides to bring the delicious Latin American taste of their Peruvian chicken to the Metropolitan area in Washington D.C. The first Crisp & Juicy was opened in Arlington, Virginia. Today, there are many Crispy & Juicy stores in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Mr. Jorge Perez teamed with his wife, Mrs. Carmen Perez and their partners of the restaurant agreed that there are no words that can describe the unique taste; a chicken seasoned and marinated in herbs and condiments that make a mouth watering combination.

Crisp and Juicy is characterized by its excellent and face service. Its mission has been to maintain the same delicious recipe, to keep its customers happy and when people think of Peruvian or charbroiled chicken, they will be thinking of Crisp & Juicy!